California Beaches


Balboa Island Beach, Newport Beach

Balboa Island beach doesn't offer more than a small strip of sand as it hugs the shoreline and works its way up to the cement wall at high tide. The island was dredged and made into a residential and tourist destination less than 100 years ago. But little beaches don't mean less fun. In fact, parents with youngsters seem to prefer them.

There are numerous house rentals on the Balboa Island--many right on the beach and bay. Families have no more than a few feet from the doorstep of a residence to the beach wall to be on the sand making sandcastles. The convenience is almost unbelievable.

Other places such as the Balboa Peninsula, Huntington Beach, and even parts of neighboring Laguna Beach can be somewhat of an ordeal to reach the waterline, and often loose sight of children along the way. When visiting beaches such as Huntington, known for its wide, flat sand spaces, you must give yourself and extra 30 minutes on the parking meter time to factor in just how long it takes to walk from your car down to the water line where the ocean meets the beach.

Balboa Island beaches must be incredibly fun! On nearly any sunny day you'll see kids playing, and you'll probably notice toys strewn like one big playground on the beach. It goes to show that children (and even parents) don't necessarily require the biggest of beaches to have fun. Intimacy, access, and convenience often make the world & the beach go round.

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