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California Coast Marine Protected Areas


New and modified North Coast Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) went into effect in December 19, 2012.

California's new Marine Protected Areas network encompasses approx. 1,027 sq mi of state ocean waters, including waters around offshore rocks from the California/Oregon border to the Mexico border in San Diego County. Marine Protected Areas, State Marine Recreational Management Area, and

Classification System
State Marine Reserve
State Marine Park
State Marine Conservation Area
State Marine Recreational Management Area
State Water Quality Protection Area

SMR State Marine Reserve Allowable uses: research, restoration and monitoring may be permitted by the managing agency. Educational activities and other forms of non-consumptive human use may be permitted by the designating entity or managing agency in a manner consistent with the protection of all marine resource

SMP State Marine Park
may provide opportunities for spiritual, scientific, educational, and recreational opportunities

SMCA State Marine Conservation Area Allowable uses: research, education and recreational activities, and certain commercial and recreational harvest of marine resources may be permitted.

SMRMA State Marine Recreational Management Area Restrictions: prohibits any activities that would compromise the recreational values for which the area may be designated. Specified recreational opportunities may be protected, enhanced or restricted, while preserving basic resource values of the area.

SWQPA State Water Quality Protection Area Restrictions: prohibits or limits by special conditions point source waste and thermal discharges. Nonpoint source pollution is controlled to the extent practicable.

NORTH COAST Marine Protected Areas

Pyramid Point State Marine Conservation Area
Point St. George Reef Offshore State Marine Conservation Area
Southwest Seal Rock Special Closure
Castle Rock Special Closure
False Klamath Rock Special Closure
Reading Rock State Marine Conservation Area
Reading Rock State Marine Reserve
Samoa State Marine Conservation Area
South Humboldt Bay State Marine Recreational Management Area
Sugarloaf Island Special Closure
South Cape Mendocino State Marine Reserve
Steamboat Rock Special Closure
Mattole Canyon State Marine Reserve
Sea Lion Gulch State Marine Reserve
Big Flat State Marine Conservation Area
Double Cone Rock State Marine Conservation Area
Rockport Rocks Special Closure
Vizcaino Rock Special Closure
Ten Mile State Marine Reserve
Ten Mile Beach State Marine Conservation Area
Ten Mile Estuary State Marine Conservation Area
MacKerricher State Marine Conservation Area
Point Cabrillo State Marine Reserve
Russian Gulch State Marine Conservation Area
Big River Estuary State Marine Conservation Area
Van Damme State Marine Conservation Area
Navarro River Estuary State Marine Conservation Area

NORTH CENTRAL COAST Marine Protected Areas
Point Arena SMR
Point Arena SMCA
Sea Lion Cove SMCA
Saunders Reef SMCA
Del Mar Landing SMR
Stewarts Point SMCA
Stewarts Point SMR
Salt Point SMCA
Gerstle Cove SMR
Russian River SMRMA
Russian River SMCA
Bodega Head SMR
Estero Americano SMRMA
Estero de San Antonio SMRMA
Point Reyes SMR
Point Reyes SMCA
Point Reyes Headlands Special Closure
Estero de Limantour SMR
Drakes Estero SMCA
Point Resistance Rock Special Closure
Double Point/Stormy Stack Special Closure
Duxbury Reef SMCA
North Farallon Island SMR
North Farallon Islands Special Closure
Southeast Farallon Island SMR
Southeast Farallon Island SMCA
Southeast Farallon Island Special Closure
Egg (Devil's Slide) Rock to Devil's Slide Special Closure
Montara SMR
Pillar Point SMCA

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Marine Protected Areas

Aņo Nuevo SMCA
Greyhound Rock SMCA
Natural Bridges SMR
Elkhorn Slough SMR
Elkhorn Slough SMCA
Moro Cojo Slough SMR
Soquel Canyon SMCA
Portuguese Ledge SMCA
Edward F. Ricketts SMCA
Lovers Point SMR
Pacific Grove Marine Gardens SMCA
Asilomar SMR
Carmel Pinnacles SMR
Carmel Bay SMCA
Point Lobos SMR
Point Lobos SMCA
Point Sur SMR
Point Sur SMCA
Big Creek SMR
Big Creek SMCA
Piedras Blancas SMR
Piedras Blancas SMCA
Cambria SMCA
White Rock (Cambria) SMCA
Morro Bay SMR
Morro Bay SMRMA
Point Buchon SMR
Point Buchon SMCA
Vandenberg SMR

SOUTH COAST Marine Protected Areas

Kashtayit SMCA
Naples SMCA
Campus Point SMCA
Goleta Slough SMCA
Point Dume SMCA
Point Dume SMR
Point Vincente SMCA
Abalone Cove SMCA
Bolsa Bay SMCA
Bolsa Chica Basin SMCA
Upper Newport Bay SMCA
Crystal Cove SMCA
Laguna Beach SMR
Laguna Beach SMCA
Dana Point SMCA
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA
Swami's SMCA
San Elijo Lagoon SMCA
San Dieguito Lagoon SMCA
San Diego-Scripps Coastal SMCA
Matlahuayl SMCA
South La Jolla SMR
South La Jolla SMCA
Famosa Slough SMCA
Cabrillo SMR
Tijuana River Mouth SMCA

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