California Beaches


California Beaches

California Beach Counties - Central Coast

4 out of 15 counties with Pacific Coast beaches in California are located on the Central Coast.

Central Coast California beach counties contain popular tourism attractions nearby such as Hearst Castle and wine tasting. The Central Coast beaches also contain incredible sand dunes where famous movie, Ten Commandments, was filmed. Today visitors can ride on the beach with their vehicles, camp there, and take joy rides on ATV (all terrain vehicles) in San Luis Obispo County.

Central Coast Counties are by definition counties with beaches. From world-famous Pebble Beach known for its golf courses and 17 Mile Drive in Monterey County, to the Riviera of the coast, Santa Barbara, you'll find the four counties of the Central Coast are some of the finest for taking vacations. Strewn along I-101, they offer simple pleasures, less traffic than their Southern California counterparts, and the wine trails that add another dimension to beach vacations.

Central Coast California Beach Counties List (north to south)

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