California Beaches


Guadalupe Beach & Bridge - Guadalupe, CA

Guadalupe Beach Bridge is a beautifully constructed bridge passing over a natural wetlands and shallow lake. From vantage points along the bridge you can bird watch in the eerie silence, say hello to strangers, and wander over the bridge to access Guadalupe Beach. This fantastic gateway to the the sand dunes is a highlight many visitors to the Central California coast never see. Why? It's tucked down a country road and even when you park your car, you must wander down a dirt, tree-shaded path that can flood after a rain.

We've spotted small bobcats, coyotes, and other wild animals along the path, so you realize that you are entering nature's door and must be mindful, not leaving any sort of trash or items to pollute this natural environment.

Located just down the road from a little road stop called Halcyon where turn of the century (1900s) Dunites settled, believing that the area had health benefits, you gain a sense that the place seems really remote, but people have cherished and enjoyed the sand dunes accessed via the Guadalupe Bridge for centuries, no doubt.

What's really odd is that you can hear the hum of the all terrain vehicles as you reach the water's edge at Guadalupe Beach, which is part of a region of sand dunes that stretch for miles at Oceano, Guadalupe and Pismo Dunes.

When you park your can in the paid parking lot, you must walk approx. a mile to the ocean, first along the dirt path entering the bridge, then over the bridge which takes several minutes to cross, and finally another 15 to 20 minutes to the Pacific Ocean. Often wind-swept, the beach is quite beautiful and enjoyable to wander, except on the days when the wind is a bit too strong and sand blows into your eyes. North of Guadalupe Bridge & Beach are Oceano and Grover beaches.