California Beaches


Laguna Beach Main Beach

Laguna Beach, Calif.--Main Beach in Laguna Beach is the center of tourist and visitor activity. Basketball courts (two courts at the north end), volleyball (there are several courts on the beach,) a small boardwalk, restaurants, shopping, beach, hotels and art center all surround the Main Beach where a unique Lifeguard Tower exists.

When you drive into Laguna Beach, it is rare that you don't have to stop in traffic at Main Beach. Poorly planned stoplights cause the traffic to jam up in a series of lights but for us pleasure cruisers, it is the perfect time to roll down the car window, snap some photos, or just watch the action on the beach. Someone is nearly always playing a basketball game or sunbathing, even in the winter months.

Main Beach Park and Main Beach provide easy strolls in the flatter portion of Laguna Beach and is a family friendly beach, one of 30 in the City. While tourists staying in hotels will have access to a variety of these neighborhood beaches and coves, Main Beach is out there for the world to see. There are thousands of cars driving by daily and everybody likes to watch the beaches of Main Beach.

Main Beach, the largest and most popular beach in Laguna is located in the center of the town where Broadway and Ocean Avenues intersect Coast Highway.

This beach is mostly sand bottom (rocky at the northern end near Bird Rock) with shorebreak surf popular with swimmers, bodyboarders, and bodysurfers.

Surfing isn't permitted during the summer months and use caution--the surf can be large and dangerous with numerous rip currents and heavy shore break waves. For cleaning up after a swim there are showers and restroom facilities on both ends of the beach. Inn At Laguna Beach is one of the closest hotels to access Main Beach, which some balconies at the hotel overlook.