California Beaches


Moonstone Beach Sunset on the Central Coast, Calif.

Cambria, California must have some gray and gloomy days, but we've never experienced those on our 20 some visits along the Central Coast. Pictured above is a typical sunset we normally see from Moonstone Beach.

If you've not visited before, Moonstone Beach is one of the best places to shack up and stay a while. The hotels are not usually four and five diamond, but instead range in the two and three category. They are usually quite appropriate for the setting--comfortable, cozy, and windows enough to watch the oceans and sunsets from many hotel rooms.

The trees that frame this beach include the rare Monterey pines that looks quite twisted and gnarled, providing signature silhouettes that can be had in only a few places globally. Moonstone Beach is one such place. If you are thinking of visiting, book hotel rooms ahead of your trip on weekends so you don't risk driving for miles and staying in non-beach hotels.