17 Mile Drive Bird Rock


Pebble Beach, Calif. -- 17 Mile Drive isn't one beach but 17 miles of beaches! Each stop along the drive (all 17 miles) includes something unique. It's like a Disneyland of beaches!

Bird Rock is a rock out in the Pacific Ocean in which thousands of birds roost, protected from humans and predators. The location offers close proximity to great food sources such as fish from the sea.

Tourists visiting Bird Rock are swept up with a flood of emotions as they step down among rocks onto a small sand beach. Tidepools fill the rocks during low tides and so you can see a variety of fish and sea life.

Getting into Pebble Beach to take the 17 Mile Drive requires driving through an entrance gate where you are charged a fee (around $10.) It is a beautiful drive and worth the price of admission, we think!