San Clemente, California


San Clemente City Beach - Municipal beach includes trails, train stops, San Clemente Pier, Swings and Playgrounds, Sheltered beach picnic areas with grills

San Clemente State Beach - tent and RV camping available. Historic Cottage can be rented for special occasions. Visitors Center is a 1934 ranger's cottage.

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF. -- San Clemente is defined by its beaches, primarily because city streets and roads twist and turn along with the natural curves of the coast. Houses are perched on hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean and famed San Clemente Pier where visiting tourists congregate for meals, a stroll, to catch a train, or just admire the surfers and their passion for the Pacific.

Two separate entities, the state and the city, each operate separate areas of the beaches in San Clemente. The City of San Clemente operates the northernmost beaches known as "San Clemente City Beach" and San Clemente Pier. The state of California operates the portion called San Clemente State Beach.

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