California Beaches


Seal Beach, CA, A Beach Destination Protecting Its Charm

Seal Beach Marine Safety Department Marine Safety Department has three full time Lifeguards, 44 part-time beach Lifeguards and 20 part-time pool Lifeguards/swim instructors.

In 2011, the beach Lifeguards had a busy summer protecting the public. They performed 1339 rescues, treated 611 medical aids, 52 major medical aids, and 519 stingray injuries in 2011.

The rescue statistics show a significant increase over the last few years. The Seal Beach Junior Lifeguard program is administered by the Marine Safety staff. The Seal Beach Junior Lifeguard Program introduces the young people of the community to safe marine and aquatic recreational opportunities. It is a fun, but physically demanding program that provides the participants with knowledge and respect for the ocean and its surrounding environment. It is designed to help improve young people's physical conditioning while emphasizing the importance of safety, respect and camaraderie. During the course of the program the following topics are addressed: Ocean Proofing, Physical Development, Lifeguard Skills, First Aid, and Competition. Junior Lifeguards will participate in many activities including, but not limited to; open water swimming, paddle boarding, body surfing, body boarding, surfing, and beach games. In June of 2011 the pool Lifeguards were placed under the Marine Safety Departments supervision. Immediate steps were taken to increase the level of training required to be a Seal Beach Pool Lifeguard. The training is now done in-house” by the Marine Safety Department in order to ensure Pool Lifeguards are well trained and certified. Other changes include a new computerized swipe card system for lap swimmers, and new and better lifesaving equipment. In the future be on the lookout for other changes at the pool to increase safety and lifeguard efficiency.