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Seal Beach Stingrays, Ray Bay

Third of Nation's Stingray Stings Occurring in Seal Beach

By Writer/Photographer Chris MacDonald, The Local News Columnist

SEAL BEACH--A third of the nation's stingray stings are occurring here, estimates Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey. "It has a lot to do with the warm water coming down the San Gabriel River, the large number of stingrays that congregate here and the huge crowds that go into the water."

"In the previous 30 days, we've had more than 100 people get stung, especially in Ray Bay, near the river. What we do with victims is put their feet in hot water and it helps take away the pain."

"But the best thing beachgoers, swimmers and surfers can do to prevent getting stung is the 'Stingray Shuffle'--shuffle your feet whenever you're walking in the water and the stingrays will usually swim away. If you don't shuffle, you may step on one and get stung," warned Bailey.

The Seal Beach Lifeguards patrol the Beach from Ray Bay to Surfside. They have 50 skilled men and women working to make it safe for you and your families. You are welcome to come to the Seal Beach Lifeguard Headquarters, which is downstairs next to the Seal Beach Pier, near Main and Ocean. Always ask lifeguards about areas where there might be a lot of reported stingrays or rip current. You also can call the Seal Beach lifeguards on:
(562) 430-2613.

1. Seal Beach Lifeguard Alex Parton with Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey.
2. A Photo of a Stingray at the Seal Beach Lifeguard Headquarters.