California Beaches


Surfside, California Beach Regulations

The small gated community of Surfside on the Southern California coast in Orange County features a beach setting. Visitors can't drive into the community and park, but they can park next door in Sunset Beach and walk onto the Surfside Beach.

Home to an annual Surfside Seventies surfing contest, Surfside is also popular for kite and windsurfing.

There's a wooden wall as you enter from the street next to the water tower house. The sign shown in photo says, "No dogs, alcohol, littering, smoking, fireworks, feeding of birds, glass containers, fires or barbecues, camping, golf or vehicles on beach.

After you've exhausted all those options, there is further instruction that beach is closed 10 p.m. to Dawn. State Law and Seal Beach Municipal Codes are enforced. For more information call 431-2527. Not area code is supplied on signage.

So go have fun in Surfside, but do mind your "P"s and "Q"s. Thank you!