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Biggs Cal. Central Valley's Rice City

BIGGS, CALIF. -- A city of no more than 2,000 people enjoys close proximity equal distance between Chico and Yuba City, each a mere 25 miles distance. Located off Route 99 in California's Central Valley, one of the largest employers in the city is SunWest Milling, Inc., a rice processing facility in the heart of rice country. The Northern Sacramento Valley is rich with rice lands and walnut orchards that surround Biggs, creating a pastoral setting dotted with rice dryers and rice mills.

Biggs in Butte County is approx. 65 miles north of state capitol, Sacramento, and enjoys similar weather with warm to hot summers and cool winters. As you drive into the city, a stand of mature shade trees line the boulevard, offering an inviting image as a friendly, established community that would be a nice place to live. In fact, Biggs is primarily residential and the people who live there like the pace and place where everyone knows each other.

The city of Biggs, oddly, isn't very big. Comprising a mere 338 acres as of this publication, economic, demographic and geographic constraints make for lack of growth and services. The heart and soul of Biggs is huge, however, and the recreational facilities, though limited, play an important role by providing meeting rooms, a public swimming pool, tennis courts and athletic fields for community events and activities.

In addition to the regional hospital Christmas Tree Light Ceremony, there's a 4th of July Hometown Celebration with annual traditions such a pancake breakfast, parade, carnival, and fabulous fireworks!

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