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Escalon Calif. is Nutty, But Nice!

Pity the poor person who gets shooed away or scared by a clerk with an attitude! It's happened to most of us, but I am here to say my visit to Costa Produce in Escalon was delightful. Yes, it was nutty, too! But I received excellent assistance from the staff at this roadside market, and I'd go back this instant if only I could!

I bought a one pound bag of shelled, raw, unsalted almonds that were absolutely the freshest, best nuts I've ever tasted. Rarely does something stand out worth remembering in the world of fruit stand memories. But those trees growing right outside the door of the open air stand perfectly advertise one of Escalon's best assets--its nuts.

As you drive around the city that is part orchards and fields, you'll notice the town is quickly growing as you drive past Escalon high school. Lots of new housing tracks have popped up in this Central Valley region where tourists exit the beaten path on their trips to California Gold Country, and California national parks such as Sequoia NP.

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