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South Pasadena is exactly as described: south of Pasadena. The smaller brother or sister of the larger city which is home to the Tournament of Roses Rose Parade and Rose Bowl each New Year's Day, has its own traditions, as well.

South Pasadena features entire neighborhoods built in the Craftsman, revival or Art Deco styles of 1900-1939, still intact and are enriched with mature landscaping. A handful of homes from the Victorian era are scattered throughout the community.

In addition to attracting individuals and families seeking these heritage style homes, the city likewise prefers tradition and values. With well kept public parks, an excellent community services program for recreation, and annual events such as the Halloween Spooktacular, Santa's visit, and many holiday events. There's a beautiful golf course, Arroyo Seco, part of the parks system operated by a private company.

Surrounding Mission Street and Meridian Avenue are historic buildings --over 40 properties designated as City landmarks, among four historic districts designated by South Pasadena under an comprehensive Cultural Heritage Ordinance. Selected for historic events of local importance, a residence of a founding pioneer of the community, distinctive architectural design and other such specifications, these buildings provide one of the best reasons to take a drive and enjoy South Pasadena. Print this list and take it with you as you drive around. It is produced by the City of South Pasadena (

1. Adobe Flores & Cactus Garden, 1804 Foothill Street, 1840s
2. Oaklawn Bridge & Waiting Station, Oaklawn and Fair Oaks Avenue, 1906
3. South Pasadena War Memorial Building, 435 Fair Oaks Avenue, 1906
4. Garfield Residence, 1001 Buena Vista Street, 1904
5. Meridian Iron Works, 913 Meridian Avenue, 1890s
6. Wynyate, 851 Lyndon Street, 1887
7. Watering Trough-Wayside Station, across the street from Meridian Iron Works, 1907
8. South Pasadena Bank Building, 1019 El Centro Street, 1904
9. Oaklawn Portals, Oaklawn & Columbia Streets, 1905
10. South Pasadena Public Library, 1115 El Centro Street, 1907
11. Miltimore House, 1301 Chelton Way, 1911
12. Chelten Way & Ashbourne Drive, Private streets retaining rural atmosphere, 1907
13. The Clokey Oak Tree, 1635 Laurel Street (rear)
14. Ashbourne-Chelten Hybrid Oak Tree, 2007 Ashbourne (removed in 1988)
15. Andrew O. Porter Residene, 215 Orang Grove Avenue, 1875
16. Raymond Hill Waiting Station, Fair Oaks at Raymond Hill Road, 1903
17. Howard Longley Residence, 1005 Buena Vista Street, 1897
18. Cawston Ostrich Farm site, 100 block of Pasadena Avenue, 1896
19. Cathedral Oak Monument, 430 Arroyo Drive
20. Manuel Garfias Adobe Site, 424-430 Arroyo Drive, 1853
21. Leo Longley Residence, 1103 Monterey Road, 1888
22. Fremont Aveneue Brethren Church, 920 Fremont Avenue, 1887
23. Dr. John S. Tanner Residence, 225 Grand Avenue, 1917
24. Lloyd E. Morrison Residence, 1414 Alhambra Road, 1923
25. Rialto Theater, 1019 Fair Oaks Avenue, 1925
26. Mission Arroyo Hotel, 950-966 Mission Street, 1923
27. Barabger Studios, 729 Mission Street, 1925
28. Grokowski House, 816 Bonita Drive, 1928-1929
29. Vivekananda House, 309 Monterey Road, pre-1877
30. School Administration Building, 1327 Diamond Avenue, demolished 1985
31. Markey Building, 634-636 Mission Street, 1928
32. Eddie House & Memorial Park, 2017 Edgewood Drive, 1910
33. St. James Episcopol Church, 1325 Monterey Road, 1907
34. Century House, 1000 Mission Street (formerly at 709 Meridian Avenue), 1888
35. Adobe Eulalia Perez, 517 Garfield Avenue, 1924
36. Bissell House, 201 Orange grove Avenue, 1887
37. The Pettee Building, 1501 Mission Street, 1923
38. Garfias Spring, 400 Block of Arroyo Drive, pre-1840
39. Mabel Packard House, 2031 Berkshire Avenue, 1914
40. Washburn House, 844 Monterey Road, 1910
41. Torrance-Childs House, 929 Buena Vista Street, 1902

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