California Biggest Statistics -- Capitals of the World, Nation, U.S.

California, the Anti-Smoking Capital of the World, not only has more legislation in place to prohibit public smoking, it also has the nation's largest prison system, most agriculture production, earthquakes, breast implants in U.S., houseboats, and thousands of biggest, best, tallest, hottest and "baddest" statistics, ranking it among the world's leaders in superlatives.

California City Monikers, Mascots and Claims

Auburn, Endurance Capital of the World
Santa Maria, Center of the Best
Gonzales, Wine Capital of Monterey County
Huntington Beach, Surf City
Santa Cruz, Surf City
Solvang, Danish Capital of America
Castroville, Artichoke Center of the World
Palm Springs, Golf Cart Capital of California
California, World's Top Food Producer
Parkfield, California, The Earthquake Capital of the World!
Central Valley, Fruit Capital of the World
Sacramento, World's Largest Almond Processing Plant (12 million pounds per day at Blue Diamond)
Felicity, California, Center of the World
Shasta Lake, Houseboat Capital of the World
Lemon Grove, Best Climate on Earth
Fallbrook, Avocado Capital of the World
Redlands, California, Navel Orange Capital of the World
Joshua Tree CA, World's Largest Desert Tortoise
Hollywood, world's largest outdoor amphitheater (Hollywood Bowl)
Lindsay World's Largest Olive
Kingsburg CA, World's Largest Swedish Coffeepot
Selma CA, World's Largest Box of Raisins
Sacramento, World's Largest Sewing Needle
Chico, World's Largest YoYo
McKinleyville, World's Tallest Totem Pole
Cabazon, world's Largest Dinosaurs
San Jose, World's Largest Monopoly Game
Baker, World's Tallest Thermometer
Willow Creak, Bigfoot Capital
Fort Bragg, World's Largest Salmon BBQ
Berkeley, California, World's Fastest Average Broadband Speeds
Livermore, CA Calif. world's largest landfill-to-fuel plant
Petaluma, CA World's Ugliest Dog Contest
San Ysidro World's busiest land border crossing
Death Valley, hottest point on the planet
Dorris, World's Tallest Flag Pole
Monterey, Top Golf Destination in the World
Pechanga, Largest Casino in Western U.S.
Imperial Beach, Biggest Sand Castle Festival in U.S.
San Jose, Silicon Valley of U.S.
San Bernardino County, largest county in U.S.
Inyo National Forest bristle cone pine, the oldest living species in the world
San Luis Obispo, World's first motel
Coachella Valley, Date Capital of the world
Marin County, Hot Tub Capital of the World
Oakland, Sourdough Bread Capital of the World
Fresno, Raisin Capital of the World
San Francisco Bay, World's largest landlocked harbor
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, Most Photographed Bridge in the World
Golden Gate Bridge, Most suicides in the World of any one spot
Shasta Lake, Houseboat Capital of the World
Weott, California Tallest Tree in the World (at Humboldt Redwoods State Park - Sequoia sempervirens 368'-369' tall in the Rockefeller Forest)
Walnut Creek, Best View of the World in the United States at Mount Diablo State Park (The summit - 3,849' - offers a sweeping panorama--more of the earth's surface can be seen from the mountain than any other peak in the world, except Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa)
Mount Shasta, tallest volcano in California and the second highest in America at at 14,162 feet, (4248 m)

California - In the World

World's highest levels of flame retardants (PBDE's) in Children
Most Beautiful Girls
World's top food producer
World's tallest tree
World's Oldest Tree
World's Biggest Tree

California - In the Nation
Biggest University System in U.S.
Fast Food Capital of the U.S.
Most Restaurants in the Nation
California, the Grape State
Biggest law enforcement workforce in U.S.
Largest state-run prison system in Nation (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)
Most Prisoners in Nation
Tomato Capital
Dairy Capital
Music Festival Capital of the U.S.
Date Capital
Largest economy
Dead Sea, lowest land elevation in the U.S.
Largest population
Most printing plants
Turkey Capital of U.S.
Lowest state credit rating in the U.S.
Plastic Surgery Capital of U.S.
Largest population of Native Americans in U.S.
Largest population of Hispanics outside Mexico
The longest single span covered bridge in America (was built in 1862 near Bridgeport)


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