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REEDLEY Electrical Farm Equipment Parade

December 2, 2022, 7-9 p.m.

Reedley's Electrical Farm Equipment Parade includes food & fun in Downtown Reedley

Reedley's Electrical Farm Equipment Parade embodies the best of small town charm which includes and is supported by the farm industry and the city moniker, The World's Fruit Basket. Since 1946, Reedley has been known as the Fruit Basket of the World leading the nation in fresh fruit. Thirty fruit and vegetable packing and cold storage facilities, including the world's largest plant (Ito Packing Company,) along with nearby wineries, supply tree and vine fruit products of consistently high quality.

The Reedley Downtown Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place a day before the big parade, bringing the shining star to guide you to the parade! Experience the chill in the air as an amazing light show honoring our local agricultural heritage parades through the heart of Reedley. Children and parents line both sides of the street in downtown Reedley to watch over 50 tractors, buses, combines and many antique vehicles all lit up with Christmas lights. An event not to be missed, rain or shine! Come early to get a good spot.

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