California Tree Lighting


Long Beach Lighted Trees in the Bay

Nightly, November 28, 2019-January 1, 2020, sunset


Rainbow Lagoon
Alamitos Bay Marina
Spinnaker Bay
Rainbow Harbor
Scherer Park
El Dorado Park West
Heartwell Park

Trees in the Bay was launched in 1949 with one live Christmas Tree floating on a raft in Long Beach. Its lights were powered by a generator. Later the live tree was replaced with wooden frames resembling pyramidal oil derricks. By day they were unusual to see, but at night they transformed the bay into a water-world of floating, lit holiday de-lights.

The floating forest has grown through the years and has become an annual tradition. Community associations have become involved by sponsoring sets of platforms.

Each tree today glows with more than 325 lights powered with underwater electrical cable.

According to Long Beach residents Bud and Sally Westcott, they help pay for the lights in their bay as members of the Spinnaker Bay Assoc. "We check to see which lights are functioning and are responsible for the fees for replacing bulbs," said Bud. "We love the tradition and are proud to help keep it going."

Several methods of seeing them include standing on bridges in Belmont Shore and Naples, renting a Duffy boat and taking a cruise to see them up close and personal, or taking a Christmas lights cruise departing from Alamitos Landing.

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