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Kings County, California

Kings County is one of the most important counties in California for food--it ranks 3rd in California's most important commodities, milk & cream (11% of state production), just under Tulare County (1), and Merced County (2)

Cities & Towns

Home Garden
Kettleman City
Lemoore Station

State/County Population Estimates

California 39,548,090
Kings County 156,289

Kings County formed in 1893 from the western part of Tulare County. Entire county population is around 153,000

Also, Kings County was among the top counties for the State's crush which includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, plus raisin grapes such as Thompson Seedless.

In 1928, oil was discovered in the Kettleman Hills located in the southwestern part of Kings County. The Kettleman North Dome Oil Field became one of the most productive oil fields in the United States.

Lemoore Army Airfield was established for training and defense during World War II. In 1961, the U.S. Navy opened NAS Lemoore 9 miles (14 km) west of Lemoore, not far from the earlier site.

The completion of the California Aqueduct in the early 1970s brought needed water for agriculture and domestic use to the westside of the county.

Kings County is bordered on the north and northwest by Fresno County, on the east by Tulare County, on the south by Kern County and a small part of San Luis Obispo County and on the west by Monterey County.

Kings County Ranked #8 in agriculture in 2011 Worth over $2.2 billion $2,219,529,000
1 MILK, MARKET, FLUID $792,269,000
2 COTTON LINT, PIMA $237,393,000
4 TOMATOES, PROCESSING $117,540,000 -- nearly 1.5 million tons
5 HAY, ALFALFA $93,709,000
6 PISTACHIOS 81,164,000
7 ALMONDS, ALL $75,178,000
8 CORN, SILAGE $72,081,000
9 WALNUTS, ENGLISH 71,921,000

Leading Commodities: Milk, Pima Cotton Lint, Cattle and Calves, Processing Tomatoes, Alfalfa Hay

Ranks as 1 of 5 top counties for tomato processing (2nd), apricots, grapes used for raisins, nectarines, Freestone peaches, peaches, pistachios, plums, cotton lint (top producer), cottonseed, wheat, milk & cream, turkeys, wool & mohair, alfalfa hay

Kings County California Top 10 Farm Crops Annually


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