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Live Oak
Yuba City

Sutter County Population (2010) 99,154

Sutter County California Top 10 Farm Crops Annually

Yuba River, Sacramento River and the beautiful Butte Mountains are three geologic features of Sutter County.

Audubon Society Bobelaine Ecological Reserve 12 miles south of Yuba City and one mile from Highway 99 on Laurel Avenue offers five miles of hiking trails in a riparian forest along Feather River where herons, egrets, mallards, hawks and owls are spotted.

Gray Lodge State Wildlife Refuge 12 Miles west of Live Oak is a significant stop for millions of birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway.

Spenceville State Wildlife Refuge 19 miles east of Marysville on Hammonton-Smartville Road of Highway 20 includes a shooting range, archery range, turkey hunting and trails for hiking, horsback riding, and cycling. A deep pool at the foot of the falls provides a popular swimming hole. Sutter Wildlife Reserve is 6 miles southwest of Yuba City on Oswald Road off Highway 99. For more information on local events and attractions, visit:

NO. 346 HOCK FARM (SITE OF) - This memorial is constructed of the original iron from the fort of Hock Farm, the first non-Indian settlement in Sutter County. Established in 1841 by John Augustus Sutter, the fort and farm buildings were located on the banks of the Feather River opposite this point.
Location: Plaque located on State Hwy 99 at Messick Rd, site at 5320 Garden Hwy at intersection of Messick Rd, 6. 7 mi S of Yuba City

NO. 929 SITE OF PROPAGATION OF THE THOMPSON SEEDLESS GRAPE - William Thompson, an Englishman, and his family settled here in 1863. In 1872 he sent to New York for three cuttings called Lady de Coverly of which only one survived. The grape, first publicly displayed in Marysville in 1875, became known as Thompson's seedless grape. Today, thousands of acres have been planted in California for the production of raisins, bulk wine, and table grapes.
Location: 9001 Colusa Hwy, State Hwy 20 (P.M. 7.7), 8 mi W of Yuba City


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