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Bubba Gump Anaheim, California

ANAHEIM, CALIF.--Anaheim GardenWalk,  321 W Katella Avenue Suite 101 Anaheim, CA 92802 Ph: (714) 635-4867.

Located at Garden Walk just blocks from the Convention Center and Disneyland, Bubba Gump is a chain restaurant located in half a dozen cities in California (4 in Southern California) serving fish and shrimp in rustic buckets, finger-licking ribs, and a hearty menu of soups, salads, main dishes that come with sides and beer, wine & cocktails.

Of course our favorite menu items is the smoke-flavored, sweet & tender ribs, but the hamburgers are satisfying and served in decent portions, like most everything on the menu.

The shopping complex where Bubba Gump is located features many restaurants, including California Pizza Kitchen, another chain that serves some similar dishes, but isn't as much fun. CPK food is incredibly tasty and we would be hard-pressed to chose between the two restaurants when visiting GardenWalk, so you have to follow your heart. If you want casual, ribs, and shrimp items, go for Bubba Gump!


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