California Dining


Sugar & Spice

310 Marine Ave.
Balboa, CA

Balboa Island, California--The popular frozen banana served at Sugar N Spice has been around since 1945. It is a popular treat that sells exceptionally well during the summer months when kids are out of school and parents take their families on Island vacations.

The beach confection served in Newport Beach's Balboa Island on popular Marine Avenue bring back memories to those who  have eaten frozen chocolate dipped bananas in years past. Sitting at Balboa's beaches and digging sand crabs, or figuring out how to build the best sand castle with only limited tools and your imagination, the day is highlighted by a stroll along the Bayfront path near the beach, to the quaint downtown shops and restaurants where there are plenty of treats.

Dipped in a thick, rich chocolate, then rolled in nuts or candy coatings, they come in four sizes--small, medium, large and extra-large.  Prices range usually from $2.50-4.50.

Soft serve ice cream, shakes, smoothies, malts, floats, freezes and ice blended drinks, hot fudge or ice cream sundaes, banana splits, brownie sundaes, drum sticks, Balboa bars and a variety of ice cream flavors are served also. Cheese on a stick, hot dogs, corn dogs and pretzels, or pizza down the street at another shop, all make great food options when you are hungry.


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