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Davis, CA Hotdogger Tradition in Dining

Davis, California Hotdogger is the Hotdog cafe for some of the finest dogs in the West!

129 E Street A-1
Downtown Davis, CA 95616

by Barbara Steinberg

How Much is that Doggie? Pretty darn cheap at Hotdogger in downtown Davis. I've always said, "A good hot dog is a thing of joy!" For more than 25 years, Hotdogger has walked many a joyful diner down ‘the dog' path. This wiener-sized café provides limited counter-seating for about five. The dogs, on the other hand, are not your tea-cup variety.

These dogs may not be AKC line-up, but they are pure-bred delicious! Your classic all-beef Chicago Dog with German mustard, tomatoes, diced onion and relish will set you back $3.50. From across the border, the spicy Ortega Dog with green chilies and pepper jack cheese will light your fire for $4.00. The Gut Bomb ($5), The Bandito ($4.25)...Louisiana hot links, chili, salsa, onion…where's the Tums and Scope? Of course they also serve the PC Veggie Dog breed. Well-groomed with mustard, ketchup, relish, onion and a sprouted wheat bun, it's just like the real thing. Well, maybe.

The owners, the Franks – no, I'm not kidding – have been Davis' tube steak mavens for the past 12 years. And counterperson, Zoe, has been adorning dogs in buns for three years. Woof, that's dedication! "I never get tired of them," she said. Her favorite is a personal creation: Portuguese wine sausage (chicken with white wine and garlic), tomatoes, celery salt, ketchup, pickles, and Hawaiian mustard. Would the name Zoe Dog describe that pedigree?

Oh, and about the buns! An often overlooked, but integral part of the whole doggone dog experience. Hotdoggers' buns are locally made at the Village Bakery – another closet-sized establishment. Davis may just be a breeding ground for this kind of thing.

Going to the California Hot Doggeries:

Weiner Works, Carmichael – Foot-long, beer-steamed dogs are the cat's meow. The large order of fresh-cut fries weighs in at…well, how does 2 pounds sound to you?

The Wienery, Sacramento – Steamy pups and kid friendly.

Pink's, Los Angeles – Since 1939, hot dog to the stars! Pink's is also located in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, at Knott's Berry Farm, Universal CityWalk, and Universal Theme Park.

Don's Dogs, Monte Rio – Housed inside the Quonset hut Rio Theater on the shores of the Russian River.

Let's Be Franks Dogs - Grass fed beef hotdogs include no nitrates, and contain organic ingredients. Available in carts in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, or order online:

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