chucks weasel

Chuck's Coffee Shop,  Locally World Famous Restaurant is Home of the Weasel

4120 E. Ocean
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 433-9317

Open 6:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Long Beach, California--Chuck's is a coffee shop serving breakfast in Belmont Shore. "Locally world famous", the owner, Chuck, is known for a food dish called the Weasel. It is a scrambled egg plate topped with chili. Delicious and hearty for breakfast, it is the best cure for a hangover among college students from Cal State Long Beach.

Menu items:

Banana Nut Pancakes: 3 Hotcakes topped with Fresh, Banana Whipped Cream and Nuts

New York Steak & 3 Eggs or Pork Chops & 3 Eggs

Chuck's Special Hash...1/4 lb. ground beef, mushrooms, onion with 3 scrambled eggs, topped with chili. Served with potatoes and toast.

South of the Border Selections:

Trash Can Burrito...A large flour tortilla with 1/4 lb. ground beef, refried beans, cheese, covered with famous chili (cheese and onions optional)

Charlie's Breakfast Burrito...Large flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, mild chiles, potatoes, tomatoes, cheddar cheese (optional onions)

Gringo Chili Rellenos...Two mild chiles stuffed with Swiss cheese, folded into an Egg Batter and covered with ranchero sauce, served with refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce and tortillas.

One of Southern California's great, beach dining pleasures enjoyed by locals and tourists can be found across the street from the Belmont Pool and beach in Belmont Shore. A favorite for pet owners, the outdoor tables provide a place to sit with your pet after walking the pooch on Dog Beach next to the restaurant.  The Belmont Memorial Pier is also right there, making a pre-or-post dining stroll ideal for a meal at Chuck's, and then a walk.

When you arrive at the place which is only open till around 2 p.m. each day, you may want to sign your name on the wait list to get a table. On a weekend visit, it took us approx. 20 minutes to get a booth inside. Lawn chairs outside the cafe provide a mellow way to shoot the breeze while you wait for your name to be called.

Menu items include traditional breakfast favorites that never go out of style, coffee flowing generously, and mimosas lighting up the morning or day.

"Where's Chuck?" my friend asked the girl serving us. "He's the one with the shades and straw hat," she chimed back. Barbara kept her eye trained on Chuck as he made his exit to the john. She spotted him come out, and said in her loudest voice to catch his attention, "Are YOU Chuck?" Chuck sat down with us and told us about himself, his cafe, his Weasel, and his  trip to his son's wedding in Wyoming.

"We partied till 5 the next day," he said. I asked if it was a.m. or p.m., and he told me the wedding began one afternoon and ended the next evening. Chuck wears a Hawaiian shirt and looks like a he should own a classic California car to go with it (maybe he does). 

But what about the Weasel? Two scrambled eggs smothered in Chuck's chili recipe, then topped with fresh chopped onions and shredded cheese, it sounds like a recipe for heartburn--but it's not!  The puffy, light potatoes served with the meal off slightly to the right are  outrageously delicious.

The next time you want an old-fashioned, American breakfast and would like it at the beach, head for Chuck's in Belmont Shore--and be sure to try the Weasel!


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