Ocean View Dining at La Palapa Restaurant Long Beach

4020 Olympic Plaza
Belmont Shore, CA 90803
(800) 958-7729

Long Beach, California--One of the most popular types of restaurants people look for when on vacation, having a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement party, or treating the relatives and friends from out of town, is the beautiful ocean view dining experience. Long Beach, California has lots of ocean view dining opportunities.

From La Palapa Del Mar next the the Belmont Pier (attached to the building,) you can throw a party, have a wedding, or just dine by yourself or with your loved ones.

The views overlook the south side of the Belmont Memorial Pier. Sunset provides silhouettes and a setting sun behind the pier. Daytime the restaurant is bright and sunny with lots of visible beach sand, ocean waves, and people on the beach jogging, riding bikes, and having a good time.

From the beach you can access the restaurant by stepping up six steps, or come in another angle not requiring a climb.

La Palapa offers an affordable to mid-priced menu (the hamburgers at the beach cafes such as Ruby's Diner cost just a buck or two less,) and a decent menu and cocktails.

There are many similar dining options in Long Beach. Like Redondo Beach to its north, the two cities do something more than any other place--provide ocean view settings where people can eat and relax.


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