Pink's Famous Hot Dogs

Pink's,  709 N La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Call: (323) 931-4223

 The long split hot dog rolls come with an undersheet of wax paper and are wrapped in foil to keep them hot.

Named after a Romanian immigrant family whose last name was originally Pinkowitz, then shortened to "Pink", the world famous Pink's Hot Dogs with its 100% beef Kosher dog served since1939 garners its own celebrity status in Los Angeles.  Natural casing with "snap" and Hoff's Quality Meats are two key ingredients that have made this dog jump out above the crowded dog atmosphere. Sure you can get a hot dog at Costco for over $2 less, but it's not a Pink's.

Paul Pink, and his wife, Betty, bought a pushcart for $50 and began a hot dog business on the corner of La Brea and Melrose. When the landlord raised the rent from $15 to $25/month, the couple bought the land and built the diner (1946) that sits on that same corner to this today.

Starting as a hot dog stand run by Betty & Paul Pink in a dirt lot filled with weeds on the corner of Melrose & La Brea in 1939, they (Betty) borrowed $50 to purchase it and ran an extension cord to a hardware store one block away. The couple built a reputation by creating an institution, a roadside stand that has served the simple, perfect food at an affordable price that kids, parents, celebrities and diplomats have all eaten and loved for over 70 years.  The stand was expanded in 1946 to a building, which remains unchanged today.

While the forces behind the business have passed (Betty died in 1993, and Paul in 1996 at the age of 86,) the Pink children operate the empire to this day. The founders stipulated in their wills that the stand could not be sold, and their two children who inherited the landmark, and daughter-in-law Gloria Pink, who manages the operation, have only recently expanded into theme parks and fairs in Southern California.

Launched during the Great Depression, money was scarce but 10 cents would buy you an oversized hot dog in a warm bun filled with chili, onions, relish, ketchup, mustard and pickles, and you would walk away filling satisfied.

 In the Hollywood location alone the menu has grown to over 20 kinds of hot dogs and over 2,500 are sold in a day, along with 170 pounds of chili based on a family recipe.

Today the hot dog joint continues its popular success with celebrity dogs that guests can chomp into and savor:

The Betty White Naked in the City Hot Dog;  Martha Stewart Dog  with mustard, relish, onions, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut, bacon, and sour cream; Rosie O'Donnell Long Island Dog, which is a 10" dog topped with mustard, onions, chili and sauerkraut; Huell Howser Dog is a standard chili dog with two of the regular hot dogs on a single bun; and Ozzy Spicy Dog named for Ozzy Osbourne features a Polish sausage. 

Pink's in Hollywood - Trivia

* Bruce Willis proposed to Demi Moore in Pink's.
*Orson Welles ate 18 hot dogs in one sitting.
* Michael Jackson came into Pink's before he was tall enough to see over the counter.
*Pink's has shipped hot dogs to Germany for Keifer Sutherland
*Pink's shipped hot dogs to Las Vegas for Diana Ross
*Supplied hot dogs for Tom Hanks parties
*Jason Alexander sent Polish dogs to his parents in Florida
*Supplied dogs to Rosie O'Donnell studio audiences
*Comedian diners include: Roseanne, Jay Leno,
*Actors who love Pink's include Goldie Hawn, John Malkovich, Sandra Bullock

Inside the restaurant is a Wall of Fame featuring photos of many of the celebrity diners. 

Pink's Hot Dog locations:

LAX Bradley International Terminal

Planet Hollywood Hotel

Universal City Walk & Universal Theme Park

Hollywood Park Casino

County Fairs: L.A. County Fair, Orange County Fair, Southern California Fair, and Ventura County Fair


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