Outlaws Bar & Grill Restaurant Playa del Rey, CA

Outlaws Bar & Grill, 230 Culver Blvd., Playa Del Rey, CA 90293  Phone: (310) 822-4040.

In Play de Rey, a Los Angeles beach community between El Segundo and Marina del Rey, there are a handful of neighborhood restaurants and bars that include Outlaws, Catalini's (Salerno Beach) Italian restaurant, Tanner's Coffee, Mo's and a few others.

Outlaws sits on the corner of Culver just a few blocks from the beach. You can recognize it by its cowboy sign and wall mural of a guy leaned back wearing jeans, plaid shirt and boots, big Stetson hat, and holding a foam-drenched mug of beer. Often you will see expensive motorcycles parked outside so you get the idea that this is a friendly road stop with easy parking for the traveling crowd.

Outlaws is home to the gigantic, two pound Desperado hamburger. The interior decor is rustic, clean, with checkered tablecloths, a well-stocked bar, a wall with the "Outlaw Library", and a great view patio deck upstairs overlooking the local scene.

Barbeque pork ribs, steak, fish such as snapper, salmon, shrimp and Alaskan King crab legs, and hearty food (sometimes a plate comes with french fries for four).

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, many of the items on the menu are named after outlaws of the Old West days. Clyde Barrow, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Sam Bass and Sundance are but a few of the sandwiches that are quite contemporary in ingredients. They include chicken, turkey, tuna, or BLT.

Breakfast menu is the full spectrum of eggs, omelets, and the hearty side of morning faire.

Dinner includes the burgers, but adds on entrees such as steak and fish.

The restaurant isn't fancy--it's cozy, clean and friendly. The food is pretty good, and the setting is idea--it's a local flavor option to get you out of the chain dining experience and into beach local pleasure.

If you are looking for something for everyone, Outlaws Bar & Grill has a full cocktail bar, full menu all day and into the night, and when evening comes, the restaurant transforms into a fun, evening place to go.


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