Temecula Creek Inn's Temet Grill

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Temecula Creek Inn Temecula Creek Inn 44501 Rainbow Canyon Road Temecula, CA 92592 Ph: 951.694.1000

Temecula Creek Inn in Southern California features a golf resort setting similar to Carmel Valley Ranch on the Central Coast. While many come for the golf, there's another reason you should check it out. In addition to featuring some of the finest beds and view rooms in Temecula, the resort serves up delicious cuisine from a chef who knows his stuff.

Utilizing seasonal berries, vegetables and fruits, the photos shows a delicious pumpkin bisque served in small pumpkin shells. With a hint of sherry, some delicious cream and spices to create just the write holiday flavor, this is a meal unto itself, though it is actually served generally as a course when available on a menu that constantly changes.

The one thing you can count on that is guaranteed, the setting is exquisite and the food--divine!

Temecula Creek Inn isn't just known for its golf and affordable escapes. Brides & grooms, corporate planners and those fortunate to have discovered this gem find that the cuisine is amazing and provides a reason unto itself to visit, stay, and enjoy!


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