Former Munster TV Star Creating New Show

By C. MacDonald

Butch Patrick, alias "Eddie" from the 1960s TV show, "The Munsters," said he's developing a syndicated weekly radio show, "Munster Memories," to be broadcast out of his grandmother's haunted house in Macon, Missouri in September, 2014.

"It really is haunted. I lived there in the eighth grade and it definitely has ghosts—one is a woman who fell to her death in 1905," Patrick said in an interview at the 5th Annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Con inside the Long Beach Convention Center.

The 60-year-old LA native, who once lived in Gardena, said the show would feature music from the 1960s and have a lot of surprises.

The TV and film actor of more than 50 years said his first role was at 7, when he played Dr. Hardy's girlfriend's son in the legendary General Hospital. He also was a guest star on shows like Bonanza, Gunsmoke, My Favorite Martian, Mr. Ed and Rawhide. Patrick had a recurring role on The Real McCoys and My Three Sons.

But he's best remembered as Eddie Munster on "The Munsters," where he co-starred for 70 TV episodes from 1964-66, before it went into popular syndication. The fun program was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Patrick was reportedly selected out of hundreds of boys for the part. "I was living in Illinois at the time and they flew me out," said the actor. "They liked my look and audition."

Nearly all the Munsters, including Eddie, Herman (Fred Gwynne), Lily (Yvonne De Carlo) and Grandpa (Al Lewis) had fabulous monster makeup from Universal's famous Bud Westmore. Patrick spoke highly about the skill of Westmore in creating their memorable look. The costumes and appearances on the unique show were based on classic monsters from the popular Universal Studio films in the 1930s.

The shows catchy theme song, composed by Jack Marshall, was nominated for a Grammy in 1965.

After The Munsters, Patrick continued appearing in a variety of roles in Disney Films and even The Monkees' 1967 Christmas TV Show. He also starred in the 1971 ABC Saturday morning kid's show, Lidsville, and other programs.

In 1983, the versatile entertainer formed a band, "Eddie & The Monsters," recording, "What Ever Happened to Eddie?" and "It's Only Halloween."

Patrick, who appeared in an award-winning TV commercial for Kellogg's," gained a new level of fame, when he played himself on the hit TV show, "The Simpsons." He also said a new book will be coming out about his fascinating life. Stay tuned.

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