Lilies of the West

 Mood-Changing Masters of Music

By C. MacDonald

Feeling depressed? Lilies of the West will get you out of your funk. Pronto. You'll be a happier, more positive person just watching them perform or listening to their CDs. They make you want to jump up and dance. They're the most energetic, upbeat, enthusiastic performers around. It's impossible not to love this amazing, all-woman, old-time string band that's full of kick and charisma. They'll charm you out of your socks. In less than 10 seconds, they'll have your toes tapping, your hands slapping, your mouth smiling.

Their sincere, old-fashioned spirit and spunk will engulf you, lift you up, pull you into the show. Lilies of the West are an antidote to whatever's bothering you. While you're under their all natural spell, you'll never feel finer. And, even if you're already feeling good, they'll make you feel better.

The Orange County, CA-based group is an absolute delight to listen to and to look at–just seeing the way they enjoy what they do, the way they interact with themselves and the audience, the way they show off their talented skills is a real treat indeed. They're a delight to the senses. Not only have they mastered the banjo, fiddle, guitar, penny whistle, stand up bass and hammered dulcimer but they share splendid stories and showcase their sweet sense of humor.

Lilies of the West trace their roots to an adult education blue grass music performance class in 1980. We were all single women who figured it would be a great place to meet men,” said co-founder Barbara Whitney. Indeed it was. Since then, they've all been hitched and gone on to perform at some of the top musical events/venues in the country, such as The Museum of Appalachia's Fall Homecoming Festival in Norris, TN; The Carter Family Memorial Music Center in Hiltons, VA and The National Old Time Country, Bluegrass & Folk Festival in Avoca, Iowa. They also appear out West at places like The Laguna Sawdust Festival, Orange County Fair, Calico Ghost Town, Leisure World and at the amazing Crafted in San Pedro/Port of LA. Their collective charm–Jill Spence-Worley, Barbara Whitney, Patty McCollom, Marcia Bruno and Karen Harvey–shows off all-star caliber precision.

Sensationally-performed songs on their CDs–”Seeds of Tradition” and Silver Jubilee”--range from Banjo Picking Girl, Boil Them Cabbage Down and Salty Sailor, to Ragtime Annie, Tell My Ma and Sail Away Ladies. As incredibly talented as they are, it's no wonder they're in so much demand. See them whenever you can. You'll be glad you did. If you're lucky, you even may be able to hire them for your event. Give a shout out to Jill at 714-635-5834 or Patty at 714-267-4567. Lilies of the West are memory makers you won't want to miss!


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