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Clint Eastwood's CRY MACHO

Review by C. MacDonald

Carmel's Clint Eastwood defies & blows up Hollywood & Senior Stereotypes through the understanding & energy displayed in his simple & superb acting and great directing found throughout the incredible Warner Bros. Pictures, CRY MACHO.

You should definitely see it. You'll be glad you did, if you like Eastwood movies; if you like simple, stylish films; if you like good acting; if you like beautiful scenery & if you like realistic stories that take their time to develop and bring you right along for the ride.

The 91-year-old, amazing icon does a nice job in one of his best, most thoughtful, sweet & meaningful movies. Everyone involved in this production is to be commended for the film that has Texas & Mexico settings, which were actually shot in New Mexico.

Clint's acting is spot on; his look, his dialogue, his delivery, his demeanor, his glare, his mannerisms & his walking are that of the older rodeo star he plays. His romance with Marta (Natalia Traver) develops realistically as does his relationship with Rafa (Eduardo Minett), a teenager he's asked to bring back from Mexico to a Texas rancher father.

Eduardo gets high marks for his believable acting and maturity. Natalia likewise doesn't overact but performs just right for her important role as Clint's kind, romantic love interest.
Their dancing chemistry & other scenes elicit viewer emotion.

Another superb actor is Macho the rooster (there were actually several stand-ins) who helps save the day on more than one occasion. Plaudits to Jesus Aguilar for helping develop
Macho into a star.

Helping compliment the movie is the wonderful English & Spanish music that Mark Mancina was in charge of and ably sprinkled in the appropriate spots. The Grammy Award-winning Songwriter penned some of the film's songs, including "Find a new Home," which was wonderfully sung by deep-voiced, rising young country star, Will Banister of New Mexico.

The casting, put together by Geoffrey Miclat, is well-chosen. The photography by cinematographer Ben Davis is outstanding. There are aerial shots and spectacular footage of wild horses galloping, silhouettes of Clint at sunset and cool shots with fine lighting & atmospheric shadows. Even the outfits & sets were near perfect.

Nick Schenk & N. Richard Nash are credited for the excellent screenplay. The movie is based in part on the late Nash's "Macho" book. Nash is known for his award-winning Broadway shows, including "The Rainmaker."

After all these years of acting & directing, Clint's still got it. He's a natural, who doesn't overplay his roles with his acting, his delivery & his directing. He & others involved should receive Award Nominations for their roles in this well-edited, 1 hour 43-minute fantastic flick, full of suspense & surprise. If you don't see it, you won't know what you're missing. This movie may be the best film of the year!

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