Memorial Day Celebrations California

Mill Valley Memorial Day Ceremony & Parade

May 29, 2023,  10:30 a.m.

Mill Valley Salutes Memorial Day

Parade Route 1.6 Miles, Old Mill Park to Mt. Tamalpais High School

Established in 1992, the annual Memorial Day Parade in Mill Valley, CA  is the City's biggest community event of the year.   The event includes marching bands, military participants, local organizations and patriotism galore.

In military traditions of various times and places, there have been numerous methods of performing salutes, using hand gestures, cannon or rifle shots, hoisting of flags, removal of headgear, or other means of showing respect or deference. Saluting is also used by the Police and Fire Departments.

Mill Valley honors those who gave their lives and those who continue to protect our country, our town and our way of life. Small town pride, Mom, Apple Pie, Freedom, Opportunity and Democracy.

The I Love a Parade Committee's intention for each year's theme is to inspire and support the Mill Valley community to be the best town in America. They say their intention this year in 2023 is very simple. Teach our children to remember and honor the sacrifice's made by our friends, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers what they gave, so we could be free!

Let's all play with our friends, neighbors and fellow merchants. Break out the Red White and Blue, build wondrous floats, great window displays and show our kids and country how creativity and working together help to create amazing results.

 Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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