Avila Barn Pumpkin Patch - It's Pumpkin Time in California!

Avila Valley Barn, 560 Avila Beach Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA. avilavalleybarn.com

California's month-long Halloween celebrating held each October includes the time honored tradition of picking out your finest pumpkin and taking it home so you can carve it. It is part of the merriment that spans the state and includes haunted houses, corn mazes, pig races and pumpkin patches. One the most quaint places to visit and take children, grandparents, or yourself is Avila Beach, home to Avila Barn, located on a windy road between the main highway and the beach.

Halloween on the California Central Coast is a perfect time to visit and stay in Avila. The wine grapes are harvested, the apples are sold off the trees, and the fields of pumpkins show huge, orange specimens to examine and buy.

Avila Beach Pumpkin Farm at Avila Barn has California Pumpkins, Kids Rides, bales of hay, animals to pet, and wheel barrels to cart your pumpkins to your vehicle. One of the toughest choices is just what type of pumpkin you should buy because Avila Valley Barn usually has a large selection that includes Orange Smoothies, Turbins, Wee-Be Littles, Mini Pumpkins and Sugar Pie Pumpkins, plus Winged Gourds. They come in various shapes, colors, sizes and prices, so you may require some time to think about and study the options in pumpkin picking. Prices are around $4 and up. The bigger the pumpkin, the more it costs.

When you finally relax after buying your prized specimen, there is a stand selling homemade fudge–(and even
pumpkin fudge seasonally), ice cream, and store with fresh produce from local fields. Central Coast combines beaches and barns, the ocean and farms, and hosts many fun events and attractions that are simple, yet satisfying holiday celebrations.

When to visit for the pumpkins: Beginning in October each year, you'll find pumpkin patches and farms selling
their roadside produce along Highway 101 and arterial roads just to the north of Los Angeles and throughout the Central Coast.

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