Backyard Chickens OK in Many Cities IN CA


When was the last time you borrowed an egg from your neighbor? Do you even know your neighbor? The Bay Area city of Albany is a forward thinking place where great ideas are hatched. In the recent city recreation guide residents were informed that they can keep 6 hens (no roosters) in their yard for personal egg consumption. Keeping a coop creates neighborhood opportunities. You and your neighbors can share a coop or maybe you provide the coop and a neighbor provides the range. Either way, six hens produce 28 eggs on average per week, enough to go around. And you form a closer bond with your neighbors. That's good for building a stronger community in Albany.

Many cities actually allow backyard hens, though residents aren't aware. With extra eggs at your disposal and your new-found status trading backyard eggs, fruits and vegetables, you've started a chain reaction. When neighbors interact, connections are formed between people and trust is built. Such social capital can lead to a stronger, safer community, a community where its members have a greater sense of belonging, and democracy works at a local level.

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