California Counties Farm Production by Rank and Commodities

1 Fresno 5,372,009 Grapes, Tomatoes, Poultry, Almonds, Cattle and Calves
2 Tulare 4,046,355 Milk, Oranges, Grapes, Cattle and Calves, Corn
3 Monterey 4,033,718 Lettuce, Strawberries, Nursery, Broccoli, Grapes
4 Kern 3,606,356 Grapes, Milk, Vegetables, Almonds, Pistachios
5 Merced 2,460,474 Milk, Chickens, Almonds, Cattle and Calves, Sweet Potatoes
6 Stanislaus 2,310,071 Milk, Almonds, Chickens, Cattle and Calves, Tomatoes
7 San Joaquin 2,000,474 Grapes, Milk, Cherries, Tomatoes, Walnuts
8 Ventura 1,621,575 Strawberries, Nursery Stock, Celery, Raspberries, Lemons
9 San Diego 1,548,124 Woody Ornamentals, Flowers and Foliage, Bedding Plants, Avocados, Tomatoes
10 Imperial 1,452,970 Lettuce, Cattle, Wheat, Alfalfa, Broccoli
11 Kings 1,304,783 Milk, Cotton, Cattle and Calves, Processing Tomatoes, Pistachios
12 Santa Barbara 1,241,400 Strawberries, Broccoli, Wine Grapes, Lettuce, Cauliflower
13 Riverside 1,015,755 Nursery Stock, Milk, Eggs, Table Grapes, Hay
14 Madera 963,128 Grapes, Almonds, Milk, Pistachios, Cattle and Calves
15 Sonoma 653,783 Wine Grapes, Milk, Poultry, Livestock Products, Woody Ornamentals
16 San Luis Obispo 623,095 Wine Grapes, Strawberries, Broccoli, Cattle & Calves, Vegetable Transplants
17 Colusa 598,805 Rice, Almond Meats, Processing Tomatoes, Rice Seed, Wheat
18 Butte 540,085 Rice, Walnuts, Almonds, Dried Plums, Nursery Stock
19 Napa 502,237 Wine Grapes, Cattle & Calves, Nursery Products, Livestock Products, Rangeland
20 Santa Cruz 488,106 Strawberries, Raspberries, Cut Flowers, Landscape Plants, Berries
21 Glenn 481,675 Rice, Almonds, Dairy, Walnuts, Dried Plums
22 Sutter 475,691 Rice, Dried Plums, Walnuts, Tomatoes, Nursery Products
23 Yolo 462,133 Processing Tomatoes, Wine Grapes, Rice, Seed Crops, Alfalfa Hay
24 Sacramento 363,285 Wine Grapes, Milk, Poultry, Pears, Nursery Products
25 San Bernardino 355,379 Milk, Eggs, Cattle & Calves, Alfalfa, Replacement Heifers
26 Santa Clara 260,139 Nursery Crops, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Cherries, Salad Greens
27 Solano 251,923 Processing Tomatoes, Nursery Stock, Walnuts, Alfalfa, Cattle & Calves
28 San Benito 243,187 Vegetables, Leaf and Salad Lettuce, Nursery Stock, Wine Grapes, Spinach
29 Siskiyou 200,591 Nursery Crops, Alfalfa, Field Crops, Cattle, Potatoes
30 Yuba 195,576 Rice, Dried Plums, Walnut, Clingstone Peach, Milk
31 Orange 192,101 Woody Ornamentals, Strawberries, Vegetables, Nursery Plants, Prop. Material
32 Los Angeles 189,559 Woody Ornamentals, Root Vegetables, Bedding Plants, Orchard Fruit, Alfalfa Hay
33 Tehama 180,610 Walnuts, Dried Plums, Almonds, Olives, Milk
34 San Mateo 148,465 Flowering Potted Plant, Ornamentals, Cut Flowers, Brussels Sprouts, Potted Foliage
35 Humboldt 134,380 Nursery Products, Milk, Cattle and Calves, Rangeland, Other Livestock
36 Mendocino 118,150 Wine Grapes, Pears, Cattle & Calves, Milk, Nursery Stock
37 Modoc 107,009 Alfalfa, Cattle & Calves, Potatoes, Wheat, Vegetables
38 Shasta 93,513 Forest Products, Cattle & Calves, Hay, Nursery Stock, Wild Rice
39 Placer 66,481 Rice, Cattle and Calves, Livestock, Nursery Products, Walnuts
40 Lassen 66,032 Hay, Livestock, Strawberry Plants, Pastureland, Garlic Seed
41 Lake 65,113 Wine Grapes, Pears, Nursery Products, Cattle & Calves, Field Crops
42 Contra Costa 64,423 Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Grapes, Cattle & Calves, Corn for Grain
43 Marin 52,716 Milk, Rangeland Pasture, Poultry, Cattle & Calves, Fish
44 Del Norte 38,135 Milk, Cattle, Lily Bulbs, Woody Ornamentals, Calves
45 Alameda 37,167 Wine Grapes, Woody Ornamentals, Cattle & Calves, Rangeland Pasture, Nursery Products
46 El Dorado 35,565 Apples, Wine Grapes, Cattle & Calves, Range Pasture, Christmas Trees
47 Mono 32,682 Cattle, Alfalfa, Hay, Sheep & Lambs, Irrigated Pasture
48 Mariposa 25,287 Cattle and Calves, Rangeland, Livestock and Poultry Products, Poultry, Forest Products
49 Amador 22,317 Wine Grapes, Cattle and Calves, Rangeland Pasture, Vegetables, Alfalfa Hay
50 Plumas 19,651 Cattle, Alfalfa Hay, Irrigated Pasture, Rangeland, Wild Hay
51 Inyo 19,127 Cattle, Alfalfa, Nursery Turf, Honey, Rangeland Pasture
52 Tuolumne 18,379 Livestock & Poultry, Cattle & Calves, Rangeland Pasture, Forest Products, Tree & Vine Crops
53 Calaveras 17,859 Cattle and Calves, Wine Grapes, Poultry, Walnuts, Nursery Products
54 Nevada 9,652 Cattle & Calves, Range Pasture, Wine Grapes, Fruits & Vegetables, Nursery Stock
55 Sierra 4,960 Cattle, Irrigated Pasture, Forage Pasture, Wild Hay, Grain Hay
56 Alpine 4,680 Rangeland Pasture, Cattle and Calves, Irrigated Pasture, Hay
57 Trinity 2,320 Cattle and Calves, Rangeland Pasture, Wine Grapes, Irrigated Pasture, Fruits and Nuts
58 San Francisco 1,091 Orchids, Bean Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Soybean Sprouts

When was the last time you borrowed an egg from your neighbor? Do you even know your neighbor? The Bay Area city of Albany is a forward thinking place where great ideas are hatched. In the recent city recreation guide residents were informed that they can keep 6 hens (no roosters) in their yard for personal egg consumption. Keeping a coop creates neighborhood opportunities. You and your neighbors can share a coop or maybe you provide the coop and a neighbor provides the range. Either way, six hens produce 28 eggs on average per week, enough to go around. And you form a closer bond with your neighbors. That's good for building a stronger community in Albany.

Many cities actually allow backyard hens, though residents aren't aware. With extra eggs at your disposal and your new-found status trading backyard eggs, fruits and vegetables, you've started a chain reaction. When neighbors interact, connections are formed between people and trust is built. Such social capital can lead to a stronger, safer community, a community where its members have a greater sense of belonging, and democracy works at a local level.

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