California Rabbits, Rabbitry Farms

Most people take their kids to the farmers market, and some bring their dogs, but when somebody brings a pet rabbit, that brings smiles!

California is know known for its rabbits--especially a breed called the Californian. The particular rabbit is grown for its meat...and there are rabbitries in California that raise Californians. However, there are many people and farms that raise rabbits as pets.

Rabbits make great pets for those who can accept that a bunny probably will never have the loyalty of a dog. It's not in a bunny's nature, though the rabbit is quite social with its own kind, reproducing abundantly. Rabbits can be easily be trained to use a litter box, and they can be kept both outdoors or inside. In the house, they are famous for eating computer and electrical wires, or anything that they can sink their teeth into. That presents a particular challenge for rabbit owners as most houses and apartments have lots of appliances, computers and lamps.

As a house pet, the rabbit is playful and curious, and may jump onto your lap, allowing you to pet it. The rabbit is a bouncy, jumping creature so you can expect lots of activity when there's one around. In California outdoor rabbit pets are normally caged at night because of predators such as coyotes eager to find their next delicious meal--rabbits are known to have a sweet meat that even humans like to eat. In fact, some raise their rabbits sort of as pets, while using them for food--or even furs.

There are thousands of rabbit breeders where rabbits are raised, either for pets, food or furs. The American Rabbit Breeders Association has 23,000 members in the U.S. and is the best known among the professional rabbit organizations.

The Californian was initially bred from crosses between Chinchilla, Himalayan, and New Zealand rabbits in the 1920s, with the intent of creating a better commercial meat rabbit. It was first brought to the UK from the United States in the 1950s.These are very popular in the commercial rabbit breeding industry. Also a popular pet rabbit in the United States and often used in 4-H shows throughout the country. The color of the points on the ears, feet, tail and nose are to be as near black as possible. Eye stains or colored spots confined to the dewlap are permissible. Body color is to be pure white. Eyes are pink. Weight: 9–10 lbs. American Rabbit Breeders Association -accepted varieties: Standard (Pointed White)

Rabbit Breeders in California

Ahwahnee, California
Californians (Show/Meat pens, Dutch specializing in Blue, Black and Steel Varieties)
Taylor-Made Rabbitry
Live in the mountains 10 miles from the Yosemitee south gate. currently have 33 holes and am adding another 24 holes to expand my Californian herd. Is a member of the ARBA and all breeding clubs that are about the breeds raised.

Beaumont, California
Netherland Dwarfs, Hollands Lops
Shinobi Rabbitry
Large rabbitry in Southern California with top quality Netherland Dwarfs. Most colors available.

Beaumont, California
Tans, Himalayans
Scuttlebutt Rabbitry
Small rabbitry in Southern California raising Tans in Black, Blue and Chocolate.
Also have Himalayans in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.

Citrus Heights, California
Netherland Dwarfs
Imperial Dwarfs
Imperials dwarfs in Sacramento CA were sisters who raise netherland dwarfs Camille raises Blue eyed white orange and broken orange and Nikole in raises shadeds and broken sahdeds. Were experienced in national and international shipments.

New Zealands, Californians, Flemish Giants
Raises rabbits for meat, raw dog food, hobby fur, and pets. Breeds mostly CA and NZ crosses but also have Flemish Giants. Farmer, and less of a rabbit shower. Usually has fryers ready for purchase and some breeding stock.

Granada Hills, CA
Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads
Roaring Heights Rabbitry
This small rabbitry is located in Granada Hills, Southern Californian. Works with three breeeds: Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs & Holland Lops. Breeds for healthy quality sound show animals.

Hesperia, California
French Angora
Northern Winds Rabbitry
Breeder of French Angora's. We only breed from our Grand Champion lines.

Hydesville, California
Netherland Dwarf, Lilac
Daltons Hoppy Bunnies
Small rabbitry in the heart of Humboldt County has Netherland dwarves. The colors include: Orange, chestnut, opal, black, R.E.W., and B.E.W., (brokens in every color). Has 3 Lilacs, as well.

Inyokern, California
New Zealands
Hop n High Ranch
Raise rabbits for the pet and meat industry and 4-H and FFA and also buy rabbits in the Southern Calif. area

Los Banos, CA
Holland Lops
Lops of Love Rabbitry
They raise show quality and pet friendly holland lops. Is a member of both 4-H and FFA, and gives discounts to all other members.

Moorpark, California
Mini Rex
Kassabian Rabbitry
Kassabian Rabbitry is a family run rabbitry located in beautiful Newbury Park, California. Raises show quality Mini Rex in otter and chocolate, plus Netherland Dwarf's. Goal for rabbits is to breed to the ARBA standards along with amazing personalities, and outstanding health. At Kassabian Rabbitry they believe in quality not quantity and are registered members of the ARBA.

Napa, California
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops, Polish
Rabbit Ridge is a small home-based rabbitry in Napa, California. We do not ship our rabbits, nor do we put them through stressful shows. We specialize in pure bred pedigreed Netherland Dwarf Rabbits and Dwarf Holland Lops. Our rabbits are socialized and made part of the family right from the start. Come and see the difference!

Napa, CA
Mini Rex
Red Hot Rabbits
We raise mini rex in the following varieties: Chinchilla, Broken Chinchilla, Sable Point, Broken Black and Tri.

Palms, CA
Mini Rex, Silver Fox
Wild West
Small hobby rabbitry raising pure bred mini rex in Opal, Black and Blue , Ch lines show quality
Black Silver Fox , our goal is to preserve this rare American breed

Placerville, California
French Lops, Lionheads, Dutch, Holland Lops
Dreamcatcher Acre's Rabbitry
Raises Lionheads and French Lops, I dabble in Dutch and Holland Lops.

Redlands, California
Satin Angoras
Lair of the Lepus
New start up rabbitry in southern California"
5 does, 2 breeding bucks, and on pet buck.
2 reds ( 1 doe & 1 buck), chocolate pearl ( 1 buck), sable pearl ( doe), 2 chocolates, 1 buck, 1 doe) 1 black(doe)

Ridgecrest, CA
Holland Lop
Pig N' Hare Rabbitry
This small rabbitry raises just one breed of rabbits. Does not ship rabbits.

Rio Linda, CA
Mini Lops, Jersey Wooly
Mumble's Mini's Rabbitry
A small rabbitry located in northern California raises mini lops and jersey woolies, and they have been doing very well at show!

Riverside, California
Mini Lops
Sarah's Bunny Barn
Nice herd of mini lops.

Riverside, CA
Mini Rex, Lionhead
Ponderosa Bunny Ranch
3rd Generation rabbitry in Riverside area, Woodcrest. This was a 4H Family project that started from 4 rabbits and has now expanded to a 40 hole rabbitry which has become a passion. Have been showing around Southern California.

Sacramento, California
Netherland Dwarfs
Chaos Rabbitry
Chaos is a small rabbitry.

San Bruno, CA
Mini Rex
OMG Rabbitry
Breeds Mini Rex for Show, Pet, and Backyard/Farm animals. They All come tame. Sold only as pets.

Sanger, CA
Polish, Himalayans, Harlequins, Californians, Rhinelanders, Dwarf Hotots, English Angoras
Carter's Cuties Barns
Medium size rabbitry has rabbits for sale year-round. Also raise other animals such as Muscovy ducks, Bantam and Laying chickens. Contact to purchase an animal.

San Rafael, CA
American, Blue and White
Mother Jones Rabbitry
A small rabbitry specializing in purebred American Blue and White rabbits, featured on the ALBC "critical" list of endangered domestic species.

Shasta County, California
English Lops
My Little Sweetie Rabbitry
My Little Sweetie is a small, home based rabbitry in the heart of Northern California. Rabbits are exceptionally cared for and loved. They are well socialized and used to people, children, and other animals. Quality English Lops

Weldon, CA
Jersey Woolies
Sundew Rabbitry
Breeds and shows Broken, Self, Shaded, and Tan Pattern, but main focus is Shaded and REW. Jersey Woolies have won multiple Best in Shows and Reserve in Shows in Open and Youth as well as a Best of Breed at every show they've entered. Also raises Black American cavies as a very small side-project.

Woodland, CA
Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Polish, Californians
Thumper's Friends Rabbitry
Small scale rabbitry breeds Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Polish and Californians. Have rabbits for sale frequently, and are open to co-operative breeding and information sharing. Located in Woodland, approx. 30 miles from Sacramento.

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