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native to South America, resembles an apple, but tastes like a combination of pineapple, banana and strawberry. It is grown in California as a rare fruit crop. Annona cherimola is a species of Annona native

Chirimoya 0r Cherimoya Fruit has a textured green skin that you peel back to unveil a sweet inner fruit somewhat like an apple in texture and taste. Considered a rare fruit when grown in California, chirimoya (or custard apple) is native to the rich soils and Andean highland valleys of South America. Countries where it grows best are Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

Cherimoyas, heart-shaped fruit, with bumps on the outside grow on trees much like apples, and mature to 4 - 8" in length and approx. 4" in width, making them more of an oblong shape, unlike the apple's rounder form.

Inside the fruit is white like an apple. However, it is juicier and its large seeds look like beans. Creamy and tasty, the fruit ripens at room temperature like an avocado. When it is soft to touch, the flavor combines taste elements of banana, pineapple and strawberry. Like an avocado, don't eat the skin.

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