Costa Mesa Fairgrounds Centennial Farm


Costa Mesa, California -- All year long people make a fuss about the upcoming fairs that arrive in over 58 counties (and cities) throughout California. However, for no fee whatsoever you can visit a fair-like atmosphere with a farm, barns, tractor and animals in places such as Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. The attraction is called Centennial Farm.

While sale of the fairgrounds have been put on hold and this farm has gotten a reprieve for now, its life could be in jeopardy. The state of California has one of the biggest budgets and biggest deficits of any state in the U.S. It owns Orange County Fairgrounds, Del Mar - San Diego Fairgrounds and other such venue where annual fairs are hosted and meeting space provided for conventions and events throughout the year. In Orange County, a 40 year swap meet has been held weekends, attracting thousands of vendors, visitors and stimulating commerce in a mega-outdoor shopping venue.

That event is among the many home shows, gun expos, and other events that draw attention to the barnyard where you'll hear animals make their sounds and sometimes watch a cow being milked.

Cuddly pigs like to sleep a lot but they socialize, too. One may fling a leg over another pig that's resting, and the scene looks somewhat familiar--almost human. Nuzzling each other, grooming and being part of the crowd, the pigs in their sawdust pens amuse themselves and the humans who watch with interest.

Happiness is within reach when you're a well fed and cared for pig. You have your food, your friends, family--and life is good.

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