California Farms

Butte County California 

Central Valley Region

58 counties in California

Butte County Cities & Towns

Butte County Annual Crops and Production

County Rank 17 to 19, depending on year

 2015 Total Value of Production $759,820,000
Leading Commodities =  Walnuts, Almonds, Rice, Plums

Walnuts, English $240,900,000
Almonds, All $202,092,000
Rice, Milling $138,692,000
Plums, Dried $43,191,000
Fruits & Nuts, Unspecified $24,333,000
Peaches, Clingstone $14,904,000
Nursery Products, Misc. $14,545,000
Cattle & Calves, Unspecified $11,655,000
Rice, Seed $11,553,000
Apiary, Pollination Fees $9,685,000

State Ranking

#2 English Walnuts with 15.6% of value
#2 Rice with 21.2% of value
#3 Dried Plums 17.1% of value
#4 Kiwifruit 6% of value

California cattle inventory by class 
All Cattle 12,800
Beef Cows 7,600
All Cattle 12,400
Beef Cows 7,400

Sources: Production quantities and values are from National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Economic Research Service (ERS), and Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) publications.

Butte County is one of California's unique growing regions in the Central Valley. With the perfect climate for growing nuts, you'll find the crops are absolutely delicious. In addition to road side stands, you'll find farmers' markets throughout the county, including Chico where there are several farmers market events throughout the week.

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