California Grown Pears


California Pears - Gift of the Gods

By 1849, Bartlett pear trees had arrived in California, brought West by prospectors eager to strike it rich in the Gold Rush. And today, the Bartlett is more popular than ever, the result of a rich history and the sweet, satisfying eating experience synonymous with California!

The Bartlett pear got its start in 17th Century England, originally known as the Williams pear before crossing the Atlantic with the early American colonists. Nurseryman Enoch Bartlett of Massachusetts, unaware of the pear's true name, began distributing the variety under his own name in 1812 and it quickly became America's favorite.

Called "a gift of the gods" by the Greek poet Homer, pears have been praised since ancient times. The early Romans developed over 50 pear varieties and spread them far and wide throughout Europe. Since then, hundreds more varieties have been introduced, the most popular being the Bartlett.

Considered the sweetest, juiciest and most flavorful pear, the Bartlett is America's most popular variety. It ripens at room temperature, turning from bright green to mild yellow, and yielding to gentle pressure. The Bartlett is perfect for fruit salads or slicing into lettuce salads with crumbled blue cheese, and also excellent for canning and cooking.

California Bartlett Pear, Ham and Cheese Sandwich
California Pear Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Prosciutto
Calypso Lamb Chops with Pears
Cream of Celery Root Soup with Pears and Blue Cheese
Crispy 5-Spice Duck with Ginger Pear Sauce and Polenta
Dijon Maple Glazed Ham with Pear Chutney
Grilled Pears & Ham with Maple Glaze
Grilled Pork Tenderloin with California Bartlett Pear Relish
Herbed Pork Tenderloin with Bartlett Pear Port Sauce
Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Bartlett Pear Chutney
Quesadillas with Pears and Prosciutto
Roast Pork with Fresh California Pears
Shrimp, Pear and Sugar Pea Sauté

Pears are an excellent source of fiber, offering women a whopping 24% of their recommended daily intake of fiber!

Eagle Peak, Lake County Diamond, Blazing Star, Heritage, Goldne Glow, Mendo Mount, Party, Lake Gold, River Maid, Snow Crest

According to Scully Pears (, the beginning of the 2012 California Pear harvest was just under a month away as of June 22, 2012. The Bartlett Pack is estimated at approximately 11% below than the 2011 crop and the previous four year average. Most of the reduction in total volume is due to some weather damage affecting the Sacramento River Crop. Quality of the fruit hitting the fresh market is expected to be outstanding.

Estimated start dates for Bartlett harvest is July 16th for the Sacramento Delta (River District) and August 7th for the Mountain District. Crimson pears will be available concurrent with Bartletts.

Bosc and other varietal pears will start becoming available in early August. Scully Packing handles First Lady (sac District), Mendo Mount (Mendocino Mt. District), Snow Mountain (Mendo Mt.), Maryka (Lake County Mt. District) and Lake Gold (Lake County Mt.)


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