California Festivals

California Beer Festivals

January Beer Festivals suffer from the post-Christmas slow-down and regrouping. Budgets are a little stressed as spenders recoup. The season is one of the slowest for beer festivals and events. However, there continue to be beer festivals, just not as many as the pre-holiday blast of Oktoberfest season in October.

February Beer Festivals experience only a slight uptick of beer festivals in California from January. Don't be concerned. Good times are straight ahead!

March Beer Festivals herald the season of tastings and samplings with the convenient and welcomed arrival of St. Patrick's Day to coincide with Spring.

April Beer Festivals see a steady, slow growth as the weather becomes more predictable for the popular outdoor beer festivals.

May Beer Festivals nearly double from the previous month's offerings. It's officially beer festivals season by this time as California beaches warm up, the mountains thaw out and beer weather is on its way!

June Beer Festivals

July Beer Festivals are held in conjunction with celebrations such as the 4th of July (Independence Day) or may be stand-alone events.


Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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