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MARYSVILLE Bok Kai Parade (and Festival)

February 25, 2023

The Bok Kai Parade committee hosts the parade on Saturday and the Marysville Chinese Community hosts and sponsors Bomb Day on Sunday.

Bok Kai Parade, Year of the Dog Public Hosted by Bok Kai Festival
Downtown Marysville

Celebrate the 140-years-plus Bok Kai Parade, Year of the Tiger.

The heart of the festival is the now-restored Bok Kai Temple, built in Marysville, California's historic Chinatown in 1888. The popular parade, some say the oldest continuous one in California, features a variety of floats, cultural performances, and, of course, the famous Bok Kai parade dragon!

The Parade usually kicks off on Saturday at 11am at the corner of 6th and D Streets, Marysville, California. The parade moves south down D Street, east on First Street, and back north on C Street, ending at 3rd and C Streets. Vendors set up on 2nd Street, between D and B Streets at 9am. Food trucks, official Bok Kai merchandise, and lots of great items will be for sale. Immediately following the parade, a variety of entertainment will take place on C Street, near the Yuba County Library. Several bands, lion dancers, and other performances will take place throughout the afternoon.

Bomb Day (Yee Yeut Yee), hosted by the Marysville Chinese Community, takes place in the heart of Marysville's historic Chinatown, at the corner of 1st and C Streets. Handmade bombs will be lit and young men will scramble to catch the lucky rings. The catching of the rings is open for viewing only; ring catchers are pre-selected through special invitation of the Chinese Community. This unique event is the only one of its kind any where in the Americas and has happened annually since at least 1880.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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