California Festivals


JULIAN Apple Days Festival

No event in 2018, 2019

Moving forward there's a Fall Harvest Festival comprised of a month of events such as apple time teas, Johnny Appleseed lessons for home-schooling kids and cider tasting and pressing. There is no Apple Festival currently (as of 2019)

Julian is a popular spot for apple picking in Southern California.
Julian, Calif., located just north of San Diego, is a small town known for the abundance of apples grown in the area. 

On October 9, 1909, colorful apple displays were set up in Town Hall, there was an all-night dance, free food, some speeches and a baseball game with the town of Ramona. There was foot racing, rooster-pulling on horseback, and fancy riding tricks by individual horsemen. The event was designed to celebrate a successful harvest and has become part of the area's annual traditions for decades.

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