Lassen Volcanic National Park Dark Sky Festival


Lassen Volcanic NP Dark Sky Festival

 August  - no festival in 2023!

Join park rangers, astronomers, and planetary geologists in celebrating all that is out of this world during Lassen's Dark Sky Festival. Special programs, presentations, hikes, and Junior Ranger Night Explorer activities will be offered during the festival.

LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK--We all need to get away to the dark skies so we can see that Universe that surrounds us. This summer there are several special events inviting the public to have their very own epiphany, much like the astronauts experience during space travel. Join the Star Party at the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center during the Lassen Dark Sky Festival

Lassen Astronomy poster, "See the Milky Way"
Half the park is after dark! From animals to plants and water to volcanoes, Lassen Volcanic National Park protects many different natural phenomena. One of the most spectacular is frequently overlooked -- our incredible, dark, night sky. Lassen Volcanic is one of the best places to learn about and enjoy the splendor of the night sky. Far from the light pollution of civilization, Lassen is one of the last sanctuaries of natural darkness. Whether you have yet to experience the grandeur of the Milky Way, or you are a dedicated amateur astronomer, Lassen's dark skies offer unparalleled view of the celestial wonders. Experience Lassen after dark:

Attend a Starry Night ranger-led program at various locations throughout the park
Join us for Lassen's Dark Sky Festival
Pick-up a night sky viewing book or sky chart from the Lassen Association bookstore, and explore the night skies on your own
Watch Lassen's Dark Sky video

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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