Los Angeles Anime Expo


Anime Expo July 5-8, 2018

Largest Anime Convention in North America

Los Angeles Convention Center


AMV (Anime Music Videos) anime-to-music mash ups made by fans
AMV Theater
Industry Panels with Q&A sessions, sneak peeks and trailers
Manga Lounge with one of over 4000 available volumes of manga
Premieres & Screenings
AX Pitch your unique animated concept to industry professionals and receive real world feedback
Game Shows allow attendees to get involved in programming
Late Comedy Showdown
Masquerade grand showcase of cosplay and performance
Tabletop Gaming tournaments, learn-to-play, and free-play sessions for all skill levels
Cosplay Senpai local and global cosplayers promote the fun, unity, and acceptance of the Cosplay community
Entertainment Hall
Masquerade grand showcase of cosplay and performance
Photo Sets
Repair Station
Academic Program special line-up of talks and lectures on Japanese comics and animation by leading scholars from colleges and universities around the world
Art Show
Butler Cafe interactive experience which offers entertainment, including dances, musical performances, photo ops, and more
Fashion Show with the latest trends and designs in Japanese streetwear

If you don't know what anime is, you'll get the picture pretty fast at the biggest such convention in North America held on 4th of July weekend each year. The largest anime and manga convention in North America and second longest running anime convention, it includes the Masquerade, Anime Music Video Contest, Concerts, Battle of the Bands, and the AX Fashion Show. Anime Expo is a 24-hour convention that offers late-night dances, all night video programming, tabletop gaming rooms, and open-mic Karaoke in the late evening/early morning hours. Many of the attendees cosplay while attending the convention, and there are gatherings for fans of different anime and manga series. Seminars, workshops, dining, dancing, music, gaming, artist alley and the exhibit hall are highlights to that attendees have on their list of "to do" when attending the festival.

  • MASQUERADE costumers from around the world come for the fame, the glory and that huge trophy. Witness the glitz, the glamour and the glory of Masquerade!
  • MUSIC: Japanese music entertainment, features concerts from major J-Pop, Ani-Song, Japanese rock, and Idol Performers. Attendees have the opportunity to see the hottest acts straight from Japan in the Main Events hall.
  • VENDORS & MERCH: Exhibit Hall offers the largest selection of Japanese culture goods in North America! Featuring over 240 vendors and exhibitors, Anime Expo's massive exhibit hall floor is a marketplace showcasing amazing merchandise straight from Japan.
  • LOUNGE 21: Complete with drinks and nightly performances, musical talents include Chii Sakurabi, a rising star in the J-Pop scene, and Jennifer Cihi, the singing voice of Sailor Moon!
  • AMV Anime Music Videos anime-to-music mash ups made by fans compete for the Director's Chair award bestowed to the Best-of-Show AMV as chosen by audience vote.
  • TABLETOP GAMING Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, Settlers of Cataan, and a casual gaming environment for board games
  • OTAKU PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE is a debate contest that runs from Day 1 to Day 3 with topics Anime, Manga, and Video Games.
  • AX FASHION Japanese streetwear and design from Harajuku and Shibuya includes top designers and models, plus sales of the newest clothing.

Renowned for its ability to bring famous guests to America for panels and concerts, Anime Expo has been the site of many U.S. premiers of shows, movies, and bands.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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