California Festivals


Oakdale Testicle Festival

March 27, 2023, 6-10 p.m.

FES Hall
190 N. Lee Ave.
Oakdale, CA

The Annual Oakdale Testicle Festival is advertised as Still Hangin. Event planners at the Cowboy Capital of the World say, "Forget baked beans–bull testicles cooked in coals are the ultimate cowboy treat!"

The annual Oakdale Testicle Festival in 2014 featured a special guest — the superstar, 1,750 pound chocolate brown bull, Bushwaker. According to Oakdale Testicle planners, It only seemed natural that at this year's Testicle Festival, we celebrate a dude that has the biggest b@lls of all…A Champion, an athlete, a media rockstar…the one and only…Bushwacker!”

In the early 80′s, Oakdale Rotary Club members were racking their brains to come up with an idea for an annual fundraiser. They wanted something unique that would reflect the local western heritage of the area. Their annual event is like no other in California, and that's no bull!

It was recently announced by owner Julio Moreno that Bushwacker is retiring at the end of October. That will mean a change in lifestyle for a bull accustomed to ejecting riders in seconds and being secluded on tour from other bulls so he won't tangle with them. Bushwacker plans to relax and reproduce at his ranch in Oakdale.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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