Sausalito, California Floating Home Tour


Sausalito Floating Homes Tour

September 14, 2019

11am 4pm

The Floating Homes Tour is sponsored by the Floating Homes Association, a non-profit volunteer organization representing the owners and residents of floating homes.

Every year the good folks who live in Sausalito's colorful floating homes community open their doors and hearts to visitors to help raise money for special causes.

Guests are invited to walk the gangplanks to the front (or back) doors of waterfront homes within five Sausalito marinas.

The S.S. Maggie started life around 1890 as a steam schooner (hence the S.S.) carrying cargo from Monterey to Ft. Bragg. She became a home in the 1930s and famous residents in her past include exercise guru Jack LaLanne and cartoonists Herb Williams. She is now owned by Peter and Connie Ruben. An intensive 1990s remodel saved her from rotting away into oblivion and a 2009 complete remodel raised her to modern splendor.

4 South Forty Dock, a.k.a Dogfish, is the home of Hillair Bell and Michael Sheats, who have filled it with modern updates (a new kitchen featuring wall tiles from Sausalito's own Heath Ceramics) and a plentitude of their art, in the form of sculptures, paintings, ceramics and a new stained glass window.

45 Liberty dock, owned by architect and product designer Daren Joy, is built in the classic 1910s ark style and is made from recycled wood from San Francisco. For those wondering whether such a thing is possible on a floating home, 45 Liberty has a hot tub on the roof deck, complete with views of the floating community and Mt. Tam beyond. Take in 45 Liberty's epic views and funky appeal

41 Liberty dock, also known as The Question, features graceful arches and lots of windows that fill the 2-story home with light and views of Waldo Point Harbor lagoon. The Question was built on a concrete barge in 1993, three years before its owner, founder Mike Faith, moved to the United States from his native Britain. Roam 41 Liberty's bright and airy spaces

22 Liberty Dock, also known as Summer Place, started life with an identical twin (still berthed next door) but has since developed a life of its own. Three split-level stories provide owner Jane Krueger with a fun, peaceful & relaxing place to come home to everyday, complete with laundry built-ins, a modern kitchen, and dock access right from the living room window! Get to know Summer Place's waterside charm

Sausalito Floating Homes Tour 27 Main Dock, also known as Wolf Island , is owned by Tony Williams and Rusty Hendley. Originally built in the 1960s, this three-story floating home is full of interesting artifacts, collections and decor, including original skylights made from colored glass and a 12-foot long suspended redwood dining table. Explore Wolf Island in person

Seaside living with a modern rustic flair, 45 South Forty Pier (a.k.a Triton) is owned by recent additions to the floating home community, Louise and Tom Simpson. Built in 2003 on an Aquamaison concrete barge, the home features all the contemporary amenities you'd find in a landlubber's house, including a full set of kitchen appliances, granite countertops, a TV room and a gas fireplace. Experience Triton's immaculate interiors

A1 South Forty Pier is a home that has seen many differed lives. Originally built in the 1890s, it was first a floating ark in Tiburon, then spent half a century in Corte Madera Creek before being moved to Sausalito in 1960. Owners Donna and Joe Tate, one of the true Sausalito houseboat pioneers, bought the home in 1999 and have added their own chapter to its history.

1 Liberty Dock is owned by Patrick Hughes, who bought it in 2013 as a weekend retreat from the crowds in Lake Tahoe. What followed was a 7-month remodel that includes a contemporary open floor plan and retained the original lighthouse-like cupola.

This year there are some unique and special properties you surely enjoy-- such as

Last year these special properties opened their doors:
Nona's Hobo, a gingerbread cottage the owner's grandkids fondly gave a name to.
Kimosabe (Trusted Ship) with an entry reminiscent of a California kelp forest is like a step into a wonderland.

Docents describe this incredible waterfront lifestyle and answer questions to visiting guests on board the mesmerizing floating homes.

Throughout the day Kappas Green features entertainment and libations -- local musicians and an Art Show & Sale, great food and drinks are sold.

The tour sells out so don't delay.

Ticket sales partially benefit the Friends of the Marin City Library, Sausalito Village and other local non-profits.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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