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Silicon Valley Home Tour

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AIA Santa Clara Valley

See the architecture of homes here in Santa Clara Valley. The AIA Santa Clara Valley hosts the festival of homes with a special Design Showcase. Silicon Valley Home Tour, A Tour by Architects invites the public to view spectacular Santa Clara Valley Homes with locations to be provided upon registration. Open to the public, this self-guided tour showcases the finest residential architecture in the South Bay. Each house on the tour is designed by a local area architect and was completed within the last five years. Houses are chosen to showcase a variety of design styles demonstrating that excellence in design is not limited by size or dollars. The dwellings feature cutting edge, modern environmentally sensitive residential design, with a focus on sustainable features that demonstrate the wealth of talent possessed by our area's best architects. Join us as we promote a wide variety of architectural styles, neighborhoods, and residences—all from the architect's point of view in the south bay.

Events are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to confirm before going.

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