Edible Poinsettia Centerpiece For Healthy Dining


California poinsettias come in many shapes and flavors. It is actually a misnomer that poinsettias are poisonous. While not designed to be ingested, the experts say that eating them isn't going to hurt you—something parents want to know before they buy and leave such a plant sitting around near toddlers (or pets). On a cruise ship, beautiful buffet line, or in someone's home you may see a popular poinsettia fruit centerpiece made with carrots and garnish. 

Surrounded by candles made of carrots, celery and pineapples, this entertainer's is sure to please.

The poinsettia is the number one plant purchased as gifts for Christmas.  California is the top grower of poinsettias in the U.S., and the majority of poinsettias are grown and sold during late November through mid-December.

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