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Poinsettia European release called Ice Plant was new to the U.S. in 2007. This beautiful plant with bracts that include a painted look as if white paint was delicately applied to each red leaf is the newest of dozens of poinsettias consumers can enjoy during Christmas and throughout the year.

Just when you thought you'd seen it all they introduced a new poinsettia plant design to enjoy. The picture above of the unusual design on the Ice Plant poinsettia brings the public closer to have just about any look they seek in designer poinsettias for Christmas.

The photo above was taken on a beautiful patio deck of a multi-million dollar home overlooking the Newport Bay on Balboa Island. The waterfront homes have lovely decorations to stroll by and enjoy during both the day and night, as the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade comes to the bay, delighting all ages with its color and majesty.

For holiday shopping, fresh air and exercise, Balboa Island has never offered a better mix of shops and boutiques. They just keep getting better. New restaurants offering diverse foods, a Starbucks, the wonderful Martha's Bookstore, art and home decorating shops, clothing and stationery are a few of the items you'll find during a stroll on Balboa. But what tourists and locals both admire most are the bay homes. The neatly trimmed houses and mansions reflect the bay on their window panes so you can see the dancing water patterns both on your left and right, regardless of what direction you roam.

According to the Ecke poinsettia and flower growers of Encinitas, Calif., the ice plant poinsettia was sold through Home Depot when released in the U.S. We offer that information to help you follow the trail to obtaining a plant that's just so cool!

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