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Asilomar Conference Center/ Hotel

PACIFIC GROVE, CALIF.-- Asilomar Conference Center


Asilomar Conference Center at Asilomar State Beach was founded in 1913 as the Young Women's Christian Association girl's camp. Its name combines two Spanish words:  asilo (refuge) and mar (sea).

The original buildings on the property were designed by Julia Morgan, the famed architect who designed Hearst Castle. Phoebe Apperson Hearst, mother of pioneer publisher William Randolph Hearst, had embraced the YWCA and recommended Julia Morgan.

Asilomar was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. It turned 100 in 2013. The public is invited to celebrate this amazing facility where deer roam free, and people truly relax.

The original wood flooring, ceilings and wood treatments provide an amazing backdrop for a Monterey vacation. Historic hotel rooms described as "rustic" have the unique wood flooring while modern accommodations were designed to compliment those first built.

All rooms have private baths and many of the rooms share a common dining area, which is kind of cool. The conference grounds that span over 100 acres feature an outdoor swimming pool, plenty of relaxing lawn chairs and the world famous weather, beaches and twisted trees that people from around the world come to see and experience in Pacific Grove and Monterey.

Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds ( on 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront offers guests cottages and rustic lodges with some historical lodgings designed by the famed architect, Morgan, and other "modern" rooms designed in the Morgan style. The conference facilities are stunningly charming to fit the amazing Monterey setting--fog, deer roaming free next to the beach, and beautiful trees such as Monterey pines.

The hotel accommodations are not billed as luxurious. Rather, they are called rustic and simple. However, bedding is top notch, all rooms have private baths and some share common dining quarters. Once you stay at Asilomar, you are forever changed--to a lifestyle of relaxation and inner peace. Well, maybe your life won't change quite that much but it happens to some. 

The hotel grounds are equipped with wi-fi, though as of this posting you should take note about having a TV in your hotel room. Pay attention to the details when you book!

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